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Volunteers Needed for World's Largest Bratfest!

Placecard with Bratfest logo and First Weber Foundation logo, includes date and location of Bratfest 2023

The annual 'World's Largest Bratfest' will be May 26-29, 2023, at Willow Island, Alliant Energy Center, Madison. Volunteers can earn $10 per hour for their non-profit organization, and the Foundation is asking for your help!

Requirements and details are as follows:

  • The Foundation must fill in a minimum of 20 hours (all total);

  • Some of the hours must be during set up and tear down hours;

  • The Foundation will be paid $10 per hour for every hour donated to this event;

  • Every volunteer will receive a free t-shirt to wear during your shift;

  • Upon completion of your shift, you'll receive a coupon for a free brat & ice cream;

  • The age requirement for all jobs is 14 except for grilling: You must be 18 to grill;

  • Each volunteer will need to create a profile if new to the system in INITLIVE (link below), the application used for scheduling during the event. Everyone MUST have their own profile and use an individual email address. Within the account set up, it will ask which charity you belong to, and a drop down will have the participating organizations for 2023: Select "First Weber Foundation."

  • Information will be available prior to the event on parking, where to report for your shift, etc.

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