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Learn More: First Weber Foundation's Mission of 'Giving Back'

The First Weber Foundation is the charitable arm of First Weber Inc. The Foundation was incorporated in 2006 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to expand First Weber's commitment to strengthen our communities through charitable contributions and volunteer leadership.​

Since then, we've donated more than $3.5 Million Dollars and partnered with almost 1,000 non-profit organizations - mostly around Wisconsin - to improve the lives of our neighbors and the places that we call home.

To put that big number more in perspective, in 2020 the Foundation donated more than $250,000 and in 2021, that number exceeded $275,000. Just in the first quarter of 2022, the Foundation has funded more than $100,000 to non-profit organizations. In December, the Foundation held a collection to benefit victims of the Waukesha Holiday Parade Tragedy and donated $14,800.08 to the Waukesha County Community Foundation. This past month, the Foundation completed another company-wide collection to benefit UNICEF's Ukraine Emergency Relief team, sending off $31,913.06 to help vulnerable children and families affected by the invasion of Ukraine.

First Weber's tagline is "The Human Side of Real Estate." While that may most often be interpreted to mean that we can empathize with our clients and customers during a transaction, it can also be applied to our giving nature. Over 78% of First Weber agents and staff regularly contribute to the Foundation. While the overall goal is 100% participation, this week offers an opportunity for anybody to participate and to ensure that the Foundation can do more to help, one crisis at a time. Each year, the Foundation recognizes First Weber offices that have 80%, 90% and 100% participation in the Foundation.

If you're already contributing to the Foundation, THANK YOU! For those of you who don't regularly contribute, we hope to share the many benefits offered by the Foundation and ask that you a) begin to contribute, or b) consider if you are able to give more and increase your regular 'give.' There are also opportunities for anybody - Foundation Participant or not - to make a one-time donation to the Foundation, and - if you are so inclined, to schedule monthly contributions to the Foundation via our PayPal link.


Why A Whole Week of Giving?

Two years of a global pandemic - with the rising costs & rarity of goods - plus inflation equals disaster for already-stressed non-profit budgets. Non-profit organizations are not only facing less buying power but they also face a larger need for their services. Some organizations have come to rely on gifts from the Foundation, and there is an increased demand for financial assistance from non-profits who are learning that the Foundation is here to assist in the missions related to housing and home, and in causes that are near and dear to our First Weber Family's hearts.

When the Foundation Board met for its first quarterly board meeting of the year in March, the giving requests alone totaled $41,000. Not all of those requests were approved, but the applications are coming in, each one with crossed fingers by needy organizations who are hoping for approval.

This week's fundraiser is dedicated to ensuring that the Foundation can continue to gift requests that have meaning to First Weber agents and staff. And, we will make it possible for anybody to contribute with one-time donations or even arranging monthly contributions.


What to Expect From the Foundation This Week

Starting today, you can make a one-time donation or schedule a monthly contribution to the First Weber Foundation by using our PayPal link.

As the week goes on, we'll be talking more about the different types of giving programs that are available through the First Weber Foundation, as well as 'why' and 'how' some agents and staff are utilizing the Foundation, non-profit reactions to the Foundation gifts, and our re-energized volunteer initiative.


Important Information with Lots of Take-Aways

Overall, the main goal of this week is give the Foundation a reset, both in our Foundation participants and their giving, as well as to give a better understanding of the work of the Foundation and how it affects YOU. The Foundation strives to make a difference in the areas of housing and in other causes that are supported by First Weber agents and staff.


Nancy K Smith is the Executive Director of the First Weber Foundation. Smith, a 21 year veteran of First Weber, has acted as an agent and is the former Office Manager of First Weber's Southwest Wis. Region. Smith is a graduate of Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa, and a long-time Wisconsin resident.


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