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There's a New Homeowner in Milwaukee

...And her name is Aisha! Aisha closed on a home into which she put countless hours as a Habitat for Humanity build that was sponsored by the First Weber Foundation. AND... she did it all while maintaining a veil of secrecy from her family. She waited until closing day to let them know about their brand new home - which took almost a year to build. I guess we can keep our secrets safe with Aisha!

Pete Weyenberg, one of the Directors for the First Weber Foundation Board was present for the ceremony, and read this quote from Millard Fuller, ""This is God's work. It makes blisters, it makes sweat. But it is worth my time and your time. Working together as God's people in the world. I don't know of anything more rewarding."

Photo of a 2-story home with its new homeowner and other people standing in front of it for a dedication ceremony.
The latest Habitat for Humanity home in Milwaukee, sponsored by First Weber Foundation.

Photo of the new Habitat homeowner addressing the crowd at the dedication of her new Habitat home.
The new homeowner, Aisha (center), spoke a few words at the dedication ceremony of her new home, a Habitat for Humanity build in Milwaukee that was sponsored by the First Weber Foundation.

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