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Destanee's New Home!

On Wednesday, April 17th, First Weber Foundation Board President Tammy Maddente and Director Bob Hemauer were lucky enough to attend the dedication of Habitat for Humanity – Milwaukee’s latest completed project, for Destanee and her family.

When Destanee was just nine years old her family was ousted from their rental home after their landlord was sent to prison. Her parents were given just two weeks to find a new place to stay for their five children. Because of their large family and short notice, they bounced around from friends’ place to friends’ place sleeping on couches.

“We were pretty much homeless,” Destanee says. “I never want that to happen to my kids.”

For Destanee, homeownership is all about providing a stable place for her three young children to grow up. All her children are under the age of six and she hoped to build them a place they can always come home to.

Destanee and her children now have a stable, permanent home because of Destanee’s hard work, Habitat’s dedication to helping families like hers, and First Weber Foundation’s multi-year commitment to funding this project.

First Weber Foundation has given almost 2.7 million dollars to more than 900 charities since its inception in 2006, and we’re proud to help strengthen the communities we call home.

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