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#FWcares: The Giving Programs Explained

The First Weber Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was created in 2006 to help First Weber agents and staff strengthen their communities through charitable giving and volunteer leadership. Since that time, the Foundation has donated more than $3.5 Million to qualifying 501(3)c non-profit organizations, most of them in the State of Wisconsin. The Foundation is self-funded by contributions from First Weber agents and staff - either a set amount per closing or a set amount per paycheck, depending on the circumstance.

Group of smiling professionals in an office holding up a large check from the First Weber Foundation.
In December 2021, the First Weber Foundation held a statewide Group Giving event to raise money for victims of the Waukesha Holiday Parade tragedy.

The Foundation has three widely-used giving programs: Direct Giving, Matching Gifts and Group Giving. Ideally, the First Weber Foundation works with qualifying non-profit organizations that focus on housing- or shelter-related activities, or who have significant support from First Weber's stakeholders, agents and staff. What follows here is a brief summary of each of the programs:

  • Direct Giving - This is more like a "sponsorship" for an event or an annual series of programs. The non-profit organization should connect with First Weber agents or staff who are Foundation Participants and discuss getting their support, if they have not already been connected to the Foundation. The Foundation Board of Directors meets quarterly to review applications. The Foundation cannot accept anything in exchange for our sponsorship except for recognition for the Foundation.

  • Matching Gifts - Foundation Participants qualify for up to $1,000 per year in matching gifts. The process starts with a contribution from the agent to the organization, and a Matching Gifts Form is filled out - both by the participant and the recipient organization. The completed form is submitted to the Foundation for the determination of the matching gift. The Foundation matches any amount between $50 to $250 per organization. Again, no goods can be exchanged for these gifts.

  • Group Giving - One of our more popular forms of support comes from Group Giving. Two or more Foundation Participants create a fundraiser - either for the public or just within their office - and raise funds. When the collection is complete, all funds are turned in to the Foundation to be matched up to $2,500. As in the prior two programs, no goods can be exchanged in return for our sponsorship and gift. Typically, this is when you will see photos of the large check presentations.

Sometimes, more than one type of giving is used to offer support to a non-profit agency, but the most important ingredient for any successful sponsorship is our First Weber agents and staff! Click here to connect with a First Weber agent or office.

During the week of April 25-29, the First Weber Foundation will accept one-time donations via our PayPal link. The Foundation is proud of our history of giving within the State of Wisconsin and any gifts made will be used to ensure that we are able to continue making an impact in our local communities.



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